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Interesting and peaceful sites, rich in history and architecture.

The British Cemeteries in Spain Foundation was constituted in 2017 with the purpose of protecting the cemeteries that nowadays continue to be property of the British Crown.


The British Cemeteries  in Spain Foundation was established in 2017 with the objectives of supporting, maintaining and promoting, specifically, although not exclusively, those British cemeteries in Spanish territory that are still owned by the British Crown


Although there are many cemeteries dotted around the Spanish territory that are commonly known as “British”, “English”, “American”, “Protestant”, “Anglican”, “non-Catholic”, “Episcopalian” or simply St. George’s, etc. ., their names can sometimes be deceptive.


People of any nation, creed and faith can ask to be buried in our British cemeteries in Spain.

Depending on the space available in each individual cemetery, it is still possible to request to be buried in our cemeteries, either on the ground or in a niche.

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There are many ways in which you can help maintain the British Cemeteries in Spain



As happened in other parts of Spain, the existence of a British cemetery in Bilbao was initially due to the need to have consecrated land for the burial of the growing number of non-Catholic workers employed mainly in …


The British cemetery in Madrid was founded in 1854, and while it is predominantly a place of Christian burial, it has become a resting place for people of other religions, including …


The British cemetery of Valencia, still open today for burials, is one of the best kept secrets in the city and shows that Valencia has always had a large population of foreigners dedicated to

Other “British” Cemeteries in Spain

At one time, records came to show that there were as many as 30 cemeteries dotted around the Spanish territory that were commonly referred to as being British, English, American, Anglican, Protestant, non-Catholic, St. George’s etc…

Their names can nevertheless, at times, be misleading.

The word “cemetery” comes from the Greek, and means “sleeping place”

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