Burials & Memorials


People of any nation, creed and faith can ask to be buried in our British cemeteries in Spain.

Depending on the space available in each individual cemetery, it is still possible to request to be buried in our cemeteries, either on the ground or in a niche.

There is also the possibility of placement or burial of ashes.

In some of our cemeteries there is an installation to place a ceramic plate on a Wall of Remembrance.

For more information, please use the contact form for each cemetery.


Our cemeteries are available for events and filming, prior to approval from the local management committee.  Approval is subject to proposals that are respectful of the context and surroundings of these special places.

Events to date have included book presentations, art exhibitions and events related to well-known people buried in our cemeteries.

If you are interested in making a proposal, please contact us via the details on each cemetery page.

Maintenance Charges

In order to maintain our cemeteries in good order, we receive annual maintenance from family members of those buried in Madrid, Valencia and Bilbao.

If you have a family member buried in any of these places, please contact us to discuss your maintenance obligations.


Cemetery Rules

Although we make every attempt to be accommodating and flexible to those who visit our cemeteries and may require our services, there are certain rules and regulations that govern different aspects of Cemetery operations. These rules seek to ensure both the safety and the well-being of all our visitors, and they are common to all our cemeteries.

Our rules set out guidelines to procedures regarding burials and memorials and also to general practices to ensure both the safety and well-being of all our visitors.

We request all visitors keep our cemeteries safe and tidy, show respect to the surroundings and help preserve the dignity of our burial grounds.


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