The British Cemeteries in Spain Foundation


The British Cemeteries in Spain Foundation was established in 2017 with the purpose of supporting, maintaining and promoting, specifically although not exclusively, those British cemeteries in Spanish territory that are still owned by the British Crown.

The Foundation

Through the sharing of resources, the formalization of management, the exchange of best practices and the promotion of fundraising initiatives, the committed Trust works together for the best interest of the cemeteries, creating awareness and interest in the cultural importance and in the historical relevance of the “British” cemeteries in the Spanish territory.

Foundation Objectives

The main objectives of the British Cemeteries in Spain Foundation are:

  • To guarantee the necessary legal and administrative infrastructure to support the legal and administrative needs of our cemeteries in Spain, specifically, although not exclusively, in the cemeteries located in Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia.
  • To guarantee the necessary funds to support the maintenance and restoration work within our cemeteries.
  • To promote greater knowledge of our cemeteries and greater local and international interest in the cultural and historical relevance of British cemeteries in Spanish territory, giving life to historical and cultural understanding between Spain, the United Kingdom and all other countries whose deceased citizens  rest in our cemeteries in Spain.
  • To respect British cemeteries as peaceful burial sites.
  • The implementation, whenever possible, of alternative forms of disposal of human remains, respecting municipal, regional and national legislation at all times.
  • The promotion of the recruitment of volunteers within local communities, both British and from other countries.
  • The offer of attractive tax credits for benefactors and potential donors, thanks to the non-profit nature of the Foundation.
  • The increase in the number of fundraising activities in order to increase income and / or cultural awareness of our cemeteries – cultural events (book presentations, concerts, etc.), guided tours, educational experiences, partnerships with associations local (Cultural Centers, Neighborhood Associations, Scout Groups, etc.).
  • The exploration, and implementation whenever possible, of other methods of remembrance – gardens of remembrance, green burials, etc.

Board of Trustees

Honorary president:

The British Ambassador in Spain

Hugh Elliott


British Consul in Madrid

Sarah-Jane Caroline Morris


Diana Geraldine Mary Clifton Sewell

Derek James Doyle Honour O.B.E
Ex British Consul and Commercial Attache in Bilbao

María Carolyn Febrer Bowen

María Eva Fitzpatrick Astigarraga
Commercial Attache in Bilbao

John Edward Kiddell, B.E.M

Marcella Patricia Mattenet Heskett

Michael Stephen Patrick Murphy

Pauline Murray

Trevor William Nicholas Plummer

Monica Segoviano Mattes

Ralph Antony Smith, M.B.E

Pamela Smith-Berry

Honorary Life Trustee
David John Butler, M.B.E

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